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     Woolen Candy is a proud NYS Home Processor of small batch yummy confections!  These are recipes that I have been perfecting over the years. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making different confections!  I decided to stop thinking about starting a business and to just go for it. 


     While having the long term goal of not only building a successfully growing business.  But within that growth, my goal is to become large enough to gainfully and successfully employee our special needs child in adulthood.  My ultimately goal is that with enough growth, we will be able to employ other special needs and differently able people in gainful and fulfilling work, with fair wages in a fair working environment. 


     I am excited to now be able to share these yummy treats with everyone! They are perfect for special occasions or a yummy treat at the end of a long day.


     Where does the name Woolen Candy come from?  It comes out of my love for fiber arts and loom weaving.  Combined that with my life long obsession over anything sugary.  Sugary confections like cotton candy look like a yummy edible spun wool!  Other confections also look like wool depending on the stage it is at during the cooking process  and how you are working with it! How perfect can a name get! Or how yummy!

     Woolen Candy's Cloud Crunch Meringue and Cloud Crunch Meringue Pops are an egg based treat that are cooked all the way through.  What results is crispy airy cookie that melts in your mouth once you take that yummy bite!

     Due to being a Home Processor in NYS,

 USPS Shipping is only available within New York at this time.  Pick up's, Drop off's, and meet up's, can be arranged with COVID and personal safety in mind within the Town of Colonie.  Ask about availability and fee's for delivery outside Colonie.  Check for listings about our upcoming farmers markets and fairs that we can be found at!

Woolen Candy is NOT allergen free!  Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Eggs, and other allergens are also used in the same kitchen.   Please reach out with any questions!

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