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       What is Cloud Crunch?  Why, it is one of the best treats this side of the atmosphere!  It is our Meringue recipe that has been every so carefully crafted to be as light and airy as those gorgeous cumulus clouds are.  It is crispy when you bite into it, and then it melts away into a light airy confection of deliciousness.  How could one resist!

       Cloud Crunch is also so much fun to work with, and just like those cumulus clouds in the sky, it can be turned into many different forms.  There is our original Cloud Crunch that takes the shape of a beautiful drop cookie.  We also have our fun Cloud Crunch Cookie Pops!  They are swirling windy circles of our luscious Cloud Crunch perched upon a wand built just for confectionery treats.  A perfect portable and fun way to enjoy your sweet treat!  They can also be adorned with sweet toppings and frequently are, Yum!  Sometimes on special occasions, one can find Cloud Crunch in fun and unique shapes!  Just like those fluffy happy clouds have been known to form on occasion.    

Cloud Crunch Pops, Strawberry
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