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Cloud Crunch Meringue: Single Flavor

$3  6 Count 

$5  12 Count

$10  30 Count Box

$20  64 Count Box

$30  100 Count Box

Cloud Crunch Meringue: Multiple Flavor 

$20  40 Count Box 2 Flavors

$30  72  Count Box 3 Flavors

Cloud Crunch Meringue Pops

$2  each

Gummy Bears or Shapes

$8  Per Eighth of a Pound (approximately 50 Bears)

$14 Per Quarter of a Pound (approximately 100 Bears)

Hard Candy

$8  Per Quarter of a Pound

Hard Candy Lollipops

$1  Each- Small

$2 Each- Large

 $3 Each- Shapes

  Fruity Taffy Chews

     $5  Per Quarter of a Pound

$10  Per Half of a Pound



      $5  Per Quarter of a Pound

 $10  Per Half of a Pound

Spun Cotton Candy

$4  Per Bag

$10  For 3 Bags

Peanut Brittle

$10  Per Half of a Pound

Due to the small batch nature of Woolen Candy, not all offerings are ready and available at all times.  Most are made to order! For Event Orders, Please order at least one week ahead of your scheduled event date! Please contact Woolen Candy for availability If you would like to place an order on a shorter notice. 

So much yum!
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